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These are the only issues that SSS has. There may have been others. The files were scanned into pdf from hard copy. They are bigger than the Bulletin pdfs, which were created from Word files. They do not have bookmark lists with links, as the Bulletin pdfs do. They are relatively poor quality, but color scanning, with better quality, would have produced enormus files.

Spring 1984. Volume 1, Number 1.

See q1.pdf. 655kb.

1. Spelling Reform: An Educator's Perspective. Azalia Francis.

2. From the Editor: Walter B. Barbe.

3. Spelling Instruction: Adult Spelling and Personality. John R. Beech and Christine Black.

6. Spelling and Reading: Phonics Countdown. Emmett Albert Betts.

7. Spelling and Computers: The Electronic Revolution and Spelling. Michael N. Milone, Jr.

Readers' Forum:
8. SR1 and SR1a. Harry Lindgren.
11. Basic Principles of Learning. Harvie Barnard.

Summer 1984. Volume 1, Number 2.

See q2.pdf. 719kb

1. The Diagnostic Spelling Potential Test. John Arena and Rick Brownell.

3. Spelling and Reading: A Taxonomy of Phoneme-Grapheme Correspondences. Larry Gentry.

6. Spelling Reform: Research and Development in Spelling Reform, Part I. Valerie Yule.

14. Spelling Instruction: Fundamentals of Spelling Instruction. Myrna J. Walters.

Fall 1984. Volume 1, Number 3.

See q3.pdf. 653kb.

1. Learning to Spell is a Developmental Process - Not Rote Memorization of Words. Richard E. Hodges.

2. From the Editor: Walter B. Barbe.

4. Spelling Instruction: Spelling, Revisited. Elisabeth McPherson.

8. Spelling and Reading: Graphic images and Successful Spelling. Azalia S. Francis.

9. Spelling and Computers: Word Processing and Spelling Checkers. Michael N. Milone, Jr.

Readers' Forum:
12. Spelling Reform and Computers. Fred Haibach.

Winter 1985. Volume 2, Number 1.

See q4.pdf. 931kb.

1. The Case for Simplified Spelling Excerpted from the Handbook for Simplified Spelling.

2. From the Editor: Walter B. Barbe.

5. If You're Not a Spelling Genius, Beware of Friday. Patricia McCune Irvine.

8. Spelling and Reading: Dialect Difference and the Teaching of Reading and Spelling. Russell Tabbert.

10. Spelling Instruction: Diagnosing Skills by Analyzing Children's Writing. Ronald L, Cramer.

12. Discovering Children's Learning Strategies for Spelling through Error Pattern Analysis. Leonore Ganschow.

15. Spelling and Other Language Arts.

Spring 1985. Volume 2, Number 2.

See q5.pdf. 699kb.

1. Spelling and Vocabulary Development. Joseph Kourke.

2. From the Editor: Walter B. Barbe.

6. Spelling Reform: When Noah Missed the Boat. Harvie Barnard.
[See Journal page of a similar article with the same title.]

8. Spelling Instruction: The Role of Invented Spelling. Judy W. Bassham.

9. Spelling and Reading: Spelling Dictation: Used. Abused, and Refused. Patricia Anderson.

Fall/Winter 85/86. Volume 2, Numbers 3 and 4.

See q6.pdf. 892kb.

1. Models of Spelling: Different Views of the Process of Spelling. M. Jan Mickler.

2. From the Editor: Walter B. Barbe.

5. Spelling Instruction: The Inductive Teaching of Spelling Patterns and Generalizations: Some Suggested Strategies. C. Glennon Rowell.

8. Spelling and Reading: Selecting Spelling Words Using a Synthesized Approach. Gail B. Culyer.

12. Spelling and Computers: ColorCoding Pronunciation with Binemic Phonics. Robert L. Trammell.

Spring/Summer 1987. Volume 3, Numbers 2 and 3.

See q7.pdf. 888kb.

1. The Curriculum in Spelling. Edgar Dale.

2. From the Editor: Walter B. Barbe.

7. A Metacognitive Approach to Spelling Instruction. Jan Mickler.

10. Connecting Spelling with Reading, Writing, and Real-Life Experiences. Mary S. Rogers.

12. The Challenge: Teaching Spelling in the Sixth Grade. Gayle Westover.

14. Teaching the Various Spellings of Our Language Sounds. Elizabeth Hagner.

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