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The Pyoneer ov Simplifyd Speling. March 1917.

Our Aneual Meeting.
Our Apeel tu the Guvernment.
Eksperiments with Simplifyd Speling.
The Lyn ov Leest Resistans (Joseph Hogarth).
"Th" and "Dh".
"Oo" Wuns Mor.
Nœts and Neuz.
Neu Memberz.
Pres Kutingz.
Editorial Nœt.
Publications of the SSS.

The Pyoneer ov Simplifyd Speling. Joon 1917.

Braiking the spel.
On "Kontinental" Valeuz, "Wun Sound Wun Syn," and a feu uther materz.
The Neu Scottish Eksperiment.
Whot our Werkerz think about Speling Reform.
The Avershon tu Chainj.
A Shrood Antisipaishon.
Nœts and Neuz.
Pres Kutingz.
Neu Memberz.
Outline scheme for new readers.
Baines' Shorthand.

The Pyoneer ov Simplifyd Speling. September 1917.

The Eksperiments with Simplifyd Speling.
Dhe Latin Alfabet and English Speech.
A Leter from West Africa.
A Sujestion from India.
Nœts and Neuz.
Pres Nœtisez.
The Ferst Reeder in Simplifyd Speling.
Efficiency and Economy in Education.

The Pioneer of Simplified Spelling. February 1918.

Report of Annual Meeting.
Report of Annual Meeting contd.
Accounts of Experiments with Simplified Spelling in Elementary Schools.
In the Interests of Etymology.
Foreigners and Simplified Spelling.
A Few Hints to Canvassers of Signatures to Our Petitions.
Notes and News.
New members.
SSS Officers and Committee.

News Sheet 4. April 1975.

Cost; exhortations.
Society News.
Elections 1975.
List of members.
Internal Open Juncture. Edward Smith.
Contributions to 'News Sheet'.
Obituary: Kingsley Read, 1887-1975.
Correspondence: from our President.
Suggested themes for Conference Papers.
Book reviews.
Suggestion for leaflet needed by SSS.
Orthographic reform by Leo G. Davis.
Letter: Leo G. Davis.
Financial structure. AGM. Poll for trustees.

News Sheet 5. January 1976.

The secretary's resignation: an explanation.
News sheet and another.
Achievements during 1974-75.
First International Conference.
Prince Philip, Patron.
Plans for the future.
List of members (appendix to News sheet 5).

News Sheet 6. July 1976.

The constitution.
Agenda of meeting on 26 June 1976.
Without comment. Comment.
Report of the research controller.
Candidate for chairman.

News Sheet 7. October 1976 .

Services available through the SSS.
Results of financial budget survey.
AGM voting report. Results of elections 1976.
Changes in membership.
Computer transcription setup.
Symbol encoding machine.
The Initial Teaching Alphabet and the SSS. D Stafford.
Deed of Covenant.
Notes on Financial regulations.
Financial report (not included)


A Magazine for Parents & Teachers. April 1976.
Introduction and Editorial.
i.t.a. - An Exercise in Futility.
Performance Inventories in E.F.L.
The Reading & Spelling Symposium.
Equivalents in Symbols of the International Phonetic Alphabet.
Book Reviews.
Letters to the Editor: Syllabic /l/.
Assistance to Spelling via Pronunciation.

News1. Winter 1982.

Society News: AGM report, Tresurer's Letter. Policy Statement.
Some points from letters.
Recent Publications.
Book Review: Tune's SPELLING REFORM. Valerie Yule.
Vowel spelling patterns in present spelling.
Vowel spelling patterns: A fonemic solution.
Vowel spelling patterns: A morfo-fonemic solution.
Items of interest. News from overseas.
Conference 1981 Proceedings.
Cartoons: IT 1982. Petrification? Never changing? Remedial language? Backward invention. All rong. Simpl sistem.

News2. 1983.

Letter from Mona Cross, Hon. Treasurer.
Thoughts on Maurice Harrison's Pamphlet No. 11, Mona Cross.
An Obituary: Vic Paulsen. Mona Cross.
From the Post Bag of the Hon. Secretary, Stanley Gibbs and other Items.
Changing the Name of the Society by Alan Bye, Committee Member.
Is 'rong' the right spelling? From the "Toronto Star", Canada.
Alfabet Analysis by Richard Lung, S.S.S. Member.

News3. July 1983.

Introduction, from the Chairman, Mr Chris Jolly.
Society news: AGM, the President, PRO, speaker hints. Mona Cross.
Extract from Orthographical Exercises.. etc. of 1829. Mona Cross.
Report of working party on choosing spelling reform. Chris Jolly et al.
The Way Forward. Stanley Gibbs.
Pronunciation System using Simplified Spelling. Gilbert Rae.
Subsequent steps to SR-1, and The Spelling of th. Newell Tune.
Changing the name of the Society. Alun Bye.
Comments by members on the Constitution.
Experiments on the benefit of spelling reforms for lerners. Valerie Yule.
Spelling Day Competition. Spelling Day, September 30. Valerie Yule.

News4. November 1983.

A Letter from the Editor - Mona Cross.
Secretary's Report - Stanley Gibbs.
Obituary - Newell W. Tune. Mona Cross.
News Item on Dr. John Downing, President of the S.S.S. - Mona Cross.
Extracts 1975 newsletter - George O'Halloran.
An Account of Experiments being Undertaken - by Valerie Yule of Aberdeen University.
Spelling Reform. An Indian Viewpoint - by Madhuka N. Gogate.
Letters: Herr Schmitz-op-der-Beek, David Stark. ed Mona Cross.
1824 Orthographical exercises, ed Rev Thomas Smith.
1982 Annual Accounts (not included.)

News5. July 1984.

Section 1.
Mona Cross - Editor; Chris Jolly - Chairman; Stanley Gibbs - Secretary
W. Reed, E. Starrett, J.R. Brummell, A. Citron, R. Seysmith, G. Rae.
Section 2.
L. Fennelly.
Section 3. Other Ideas:
S.S. Eustace, D. Stark, V. Yule, J. Beech,
C. Upward, E. Gregersen, R. Craig, R. Elser.
Section 4. Special Articles from China, Japan and India:
Peh-ling Lee, T.R. Hofmann, Jacob Nettikkatt.
Section 5: Miscellaneous:
Two Recommended Magazines, M.N. Gogate.

News6. October 1984.

Section I.
Mona Cross - Editor, contd. John Ogden.
Section II.
Laurie Fennelly, David Stark. Christopher Upward,
Section III.
Ayb Citron.
Section IV.
K Tillema, Robert Craig, J. Cober.

News7. February 1985.

Section I.
Letter from the Editor. Mona Cross.
Items from my postbag. SSS Secretary. Stanley Gibbs.
The Revision of NEW SPELLING. Laurence Fennelly.
Section II.
Details for Conference July 26, 27, 28. Laurence Fennelly.
Section III.
A Roman Script for India. Madhukar Gogate.
Section IV.
A friendly appeal to the SSS. Pehling Lee.
Phonetic Simplification Of English Spelling. Gilbert Rae.
Magazin Chatham Ontario. Ken Tillema.
Linkan's quetisbarq adrec ritan in nju warld spelig. Robert Craig.
Section V.
Language and Society. David Stark.
Words cut for speed in the "Computer Age". Abe Citron.

News8. Summer 1985.

From the Editors:
Mona Cross, Chris Upward.
Professor A C Gimson, Vice-President of the Society.
Spelling reform round the world:
Spelling Action (Australia), Simplified Spelling Society ov Canada,
Speling Magazin (Canada), Germany.
Correspondence: letters from
Ayb Citron, Robert Craig, Ted Culp,
A C Dalgleish, Rae Elser, Bill Herbert,
Garry Jimmieson, Gilbert Rae, David Sephton.
Articles by Kenneth H Ives:
'Adoptability Criteria applied to SSS Stage 1',
'Some Early Further Steps for Spelling Reform';
Article by David Stark:
'Alphabetic Consistency in Reading'.

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